Responsibilities of the child in the home according to age

Responsibilities of the child in the home according to age
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Every parent knows that sometimes it’s easier to tie your child’s shoes than to wait for him to do it by himself. But instead of saying “you’re doing it wrong” and doing all the chores by yourself, it’s worth gradually increasing the toddler’s independence, awakening his sense of responsibility

However, some household duties, such as washing the dishes or vacuuming, are too complicated for a 4-year-old to perform. This does not mean, however, that children cannot be taught tidiness and regularity from an early age. The earlier they learn to take care of their own and common space, the easier it will be to divide responsibilities when they become teenagers. In this article, we outline how to divide your child’s household chores based on their age

Why do it all? I’m better off doing it myself

Although some parents love to bail out their children as a goodwill gesture, they are actually hurting their kids in the long run. A child who is taught to be independent from an early age adapts more quickly to his/her peers in kindergarten or school, because he/she understands the rules of these institutions, e.g. duty roster

In addition, if the parents perform even the smallest tasks, e.g. tying shoes, a conviction may arise in the child’s mind that he/she is doing it wrong. This will result in the child doubting his or her own abilities and dismissing household chores as “I can’t” or “I can’t do it”. Even if you have to wait until your 3-year-old brushes his teeth by himself, let him do it on his own, under your supervision of course. Remember to encourage him by praising him for every little thing he does

In order for the child not to have a negative attitude towards his/her household chores, you should present them to him/her as a form of helping parents and not as a necessity. Instead of using the words “you must” or “you should”, try to emphasize to the child how important his/her help is, even in the smallest matters – then your child will WANT to help, and that is already half of the success

An independent preschooler

You can already explain the concept of responsibilities to a 3-year-old. At the beginning, explain to him how important it is to keep order in his room and play area. Let him clean up the toys and puzzles himself, wipe his cup dry or put his clothes in the hamper. It is important that the child knows how to clean up after himself and has respect for common space. If he spills juice, give him a washcloth and let him wipe the table by himself. If an empty bottle is in your hand, take it to the trash on your own

It is through these simple steps that the child will learn independence and respect for order. As the child’s motor skills and abilities grow, it is a good idea to gradually add new chores, and even create a list of “weekly” ones

Responsibilities for a 4/5 year old

  • bringing meals to the table,
  • preparing clothes for the morning,
  • emptying the dishwasher (under parental supervision),
  • wiping dust off low furniture,
  • feeding the dog/cat,
  • pairing laundered socks,
  • making their bed

Responsibilities of 6/7 year old

  • cleaning off the table,
  • putting dishes in the dishwasher,
  • preparing breakfast (under parental supervision),
  • watering flowers,
  • putting clothes in the closet,
  • packing a schoolbag on their own.

Responsibilities of 8/10 year old

  • cleaning her room by herself,
  • vacuuming,
  • taking out the trash,
  • helping her siblings,
  • doing a little shopping,
  • preparing meals,
  • cleaning toilets and floors.

Teenager responsibilities

Your teenager is a young adult. He or she can do most of the chores around the house, so it’s a good idea to write out a list of chores for him or her by day – for example, unloading the dishwasher on Tuesdays, vacuuming on Thursdays, and cleaning the bathroom on Saturdays. Remember, however, that even teenagers are still studying and have school responsibilities as well. So plan your week’s schedule so that your child has time to do homework, study and relax.

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