Winter fun with your child at home

Winter fun with your child at home
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Not always winter weather encourages playing in the snow and making a snowman. We often spend cold evenings at home with our child. How to provide him with entertainment and encourage him to common activity? Here are a few suggestions of home games that may interest your child.

Instead of reaching for the TV remote control, computer or tablet, time spent together at home can be spent on creative play. Psychologists constantly emphasize the importance of staying together and having lively, attentive contact between parent and child. On a cold winter day we have especially favorable conditions for that. Playing together at home will be a great opportunity to strengthen the bond.

1. Experimental play at home

A great suggestion for spending creative time with your child at home is playing as experimental artists. Such artists look for materials and tools together to create their artwork – they can use anything they can find around the house to work with. In addition to traditional paints or crayons, it can be cotton wool, aluminum foil, pieces of cloth, buttons, glitter or toothpaste – whatever falls into our hands, and can be used for amateur artistic creation

Our paintings should be prepared on a slightly harder paper – one that will hold materials of different weight. To attach them we will need glue or adhesive tape.

2. Fishing

This game pleases children in every generation. In toy stores, you will even find ready-made sets of a small fisherman with moving fish to be caught on a magnetic fishing rod. But we can also create the conditions for fishing in our own home. Constructing an artificial pond, fishing rods, and fish can be the first stage of fun!

To make all the props we will need:

  • a transparent vessel of larger size,
  • metal bottle caps,
  • 2 pencils,
  • magnet,
  • a piece of string,
  • colored paper,
  • glue.

A transparent vessel will serve as an aquarium. We will prepare fish out of metal caps, paper and glue. Let’s label the caps with five different colors, gluing colored paper to them. Let there be at least four caps in each color group. Use pencils, string and a piece of magnet to make two fishing rods. Tie one end of the string to a pencil and the other end around a piece of magnet.

When all the props are ready, we throw the colored caps into the pot. Now we set the rules of the game: whoever fishes out the caps of the same color first, starts fishing for the next color, and so on until all are fished out. Whoever catches the most, wins.

3. Sailboats

Another creative game that lets your child let their imagination run wild. Creating sailboats together and then ceremoniously releasing them into “deep” waters will surely be a great entertainment for every toddler. For this activity you will need:

  • a plastic cup (e.g. after cheese or yoghurt),
  • a straw,
  • coloured or plain paper,
  • sticky tape,
  • optionally: crayons, markers, ribbon, light decorations that can be glued to paper.

The cup will be the base of our boat. A straw will make a mast, and from paper we will make sails. Other props will be used to decorate our boats. We can also name and sign them to make the whole thing more serious.

The last stage of the game will be launching the boats. We can do this in a bathtub filled with water, a larger bowl, or a sink. I guess there’s nothing stopping you from having a regatta! Whoever gets their boat to the finish line first by blowing into the sails wins.

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