Eco-friendly kitchen – ideas for design, materials and decoration

Eco-friendly kitchen – ideas for design, materials and decoration
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House in eco style does not surprise anyone anymore. The space looks very aesthetically pleasing, and natural materials are conducive to rest, work and spending time within the four walls. Eco-style kitchen is a place full of ecological solutions, but not only. See what materials and accessories to choose.

What distinguishes an eco style kitchen?

Eco-style kitchen is a room that usually presents itself quite minimalist. However, in this simplicity and small details lies its beauty. The space can be decorated in a modern style, or more rustic and romantic. One thing is certain – an eco-style kitchen is an environmentally friendly room. Therefore, it contains natural products and materials. There is order and tidiness and the household members are concerned about so-called less waste. This means that items can be reused thanks to recycling, and before throwing something away you should think twice whether you will need it.

Eco style kitchen means:

  • natural materials,
  • simple forms and structures,
  • a space where you can relax,
  • a place inspired by nature,
  • light pastel shades or earthy colors.

If you decide on an eco style kitchen, also think about solutions that have a positive impact on the environment. An example is a faucet that has a water flow limiter. And don’t forget about cleaning products that don’t come from the supermarket and don’t have chemicals in their ingredients – opt for natural vinegar, lemon and baking soda.

Materials in an eco-style kitchen

Now let’s move on to the materials that reign in the kitchen in the eco style. Here it is necessary to mention wood, preferably raw, in natural color. This material looks great with many shades – from white, through brown to navy blue or bottle green. A timeless solution is just a white wall, which becomes a base for further interior decoration. Wood can appear not only as a countertop, but also as a decoration and on the floor, for example in the form of tiles imitating this material.

The second material is stone. This beautifully presents itself as a kitchen countertop, but not only. Eco style kitchen is also dominated by glass, usually in the form of accessories. If you decide on fronts – here also bet on a slightly glossy material that reflects light.

Eco-style kitchen decoration

Greeneryplays the first fiddle here and it can appear in the form of plants or herbs.

It is also worth betting on natural accessories that serve as storage elements, such as jute bags and woven baskets. This is definitely a better option than plastic packaging. Instead of plastic, opt for glass – it is more resistant and you can reuse it.

And don’t forget kitchen accessories that are made of natural materials, such as a wooden board, a bamboo lamp or wicker pots.

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