How to clean a gold chain?

How to clean a gold chain?
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Gold jewelry blackens over time, losing its charm and luster – this is a natural process associated with the use of ornaments made of this precious material. How to restore a beautiful appearance of gold chain?

Home methods for cleaning gold chain

In recent years gold chains have returned to favor. Women like to wear these subtle jewellery accessories, which suit practically every style and occasion. How to refresh a gold chain and make it shine like new straight from the jeweller’s shop? Here are the best methods for cleaning gold jewelry:

Sparkling water and detergent

If your gold chain doesn’t have any decorative details in the form of precious stones, we can prepare a bath for it in carbonated water (non-soda water) with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Just soak the jewelry in a bowl for about 15-20 minutes. Then you need to wipe the chain with a soft cloth, rinse under running water, dry and polish with ch amois leather (natural or synthetic). After a while you will notice positive changes – the ornament will regain its shine and characteristic, intense yellow color

Warm water and soda

Another home method for refreshing a gold chain is to use a mixture of warm water and baking soda (in the ratio 1:1). Simply combine the two ingredients until it reaches a paste-like consistency and gently rub it into the chain with a cotton cloth. If you don’t have baking soda on hand, nothing lost – you can use baking powder instead.

Lemon juice

A dirty chain can also be cleaned using lemon juice. How to do it? Soak the jewelry in a bowl with lemon juice and leave it for a few hours. Then the gold accessory has to be thoroughly polished and washed in water with soap. Instead of fresh lemon we can also use citric acid – the effect will be the same (all unsightly deposits will disappear from jewelry).

How to clean a very dirty gold chain?

If the chain is very dirty and you couldn’t remove it with the above methods, you should use 50% spirit solution, denatured alcohol or… petrol. Soak the gold ornament in one of the above liquids for about an hour and then wash and dry it thoroughly. Remember to be careful when cleaning your gold chain as this type of jewelry is very delicate and can be easily damaged

How to restore shine to a white gold chain? Rhodium plating

In case of jewelry made of white gold it is better not to do it on your own (cleaning of white gold is more complicated than its yellow variant). We will get great results if we give the faded chain to a jeweler who will perform a rhodium plating procedure which will enhance the charm of white gold. How much does this type of service cost? Depending on the design (complexity) of the jewelry, putting a new layer of rhodium will cost 50-100 PLN.

How to take care of gold jewelry? Practical tips

If we want to enjoy the attractive appearance of our royal chain for as long as possible, we have to take proper care of it every day. Always take off your jewelry before bathing or taking a shower. Don’t wear your chain on the beach (sharp sand and salt water may damage it) or in the sauna (very high temperature may cause rapid heating of the chain and lead to skin burns). As gold jewelry accessories can react to sweat secreted during exercise, we should also remove the chain before training

To sum up, a gold chain is a timeless piece of jewelry that is worth having in your collection. We hope that thanks to our tricks, you will give your accessory a second life and it will be as beautiful again as the day you bought it

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