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Positioning is an extremely important issue in the modern world based on e-commerce, as it has a fundamental impact on the visibility of a website online. The e-commerce market seems to be slowly supplanting standard sales and is gaining popularity year by year even among skeptics of modern technology, which not long ago was completely unthinkable.

Now online sales are on the rise, and older people are also choosing to shop online. Why? The main reasons include the possibility of comparing directly with each other the prices of a particular product from many suppliers, lower prices and very fast delivery, which in most cases does not take longer than 1 working day. Until recently, many people considered online shopping as less safe. Now it is quite the opposite. Internet users are protected by law, which gives, above all, the possibility to return goods without giving a reason within as many as 14 days. This is a great convenience, which makes the e-commerce market unrivaled. Entrepreneurs also recognize e-commerce as an industry that is growing the fastest, so they invest a lot of funds in it. However, there is also a disadvantage – high competition. How to fight it? First of all by positioning. But why should this business grow the fastest? Among other things, because of the growing number of companies that are able to bring us into the online space with the positioning of our business. Another thing is the availability of various CMS’s, which are software that allow for effective and standardized SEO methods. Squarespace SEO services, SEO optimization Magento, and the most popular method of all WordPress SEO, and this is just a tip of the SEO iceberg.

Basic and most important information about positioning

At the very beginning of its presence on the web each website always lands on the last positions in the Google search engine, thus not generating any traffic. Internet users looking for a particular product or service https://www.icea-group.com/wordpress-seo/ look at a maximum 1-3 pages of search results (SERP – Search Engine Results Page). Thus it is definitely worth changing. High position in Google, preferably in the top ten, gives great opportunities for development and affects the high popularity of the site, which has convinced many skeptical entrepreneurs, who very quickly noticed much greater profits resulting from their business. Positioning is a multi-step process but always gives excellent and measurable results. Content management systems called CMS are used for SEO. They allow you to increase accessibility by placing content in a way that is beneficial to the UX, give suggestions on the quality of content for search engines, speed up site performance, and offer much, much more. We have already cited some of them in the text: SEO optimization Magento – great for e-commerce, WordPress SEO – dreamlike blog or editorial website for redaction, Squarespace SEO services– all-in-one CMS, designed to design what You can imagine… 

The position of a website is always determined by the so-called Google algorithm, which collects all the data from each web page with the help of its Google robots, i.e. small scripts that massively collect a lot of important information about each website available on the Internet. The primary goal of SEO is to meet all the guidelines of the algorithm, which is very difficult due to the fact that its detailed rules of operation are hidden. Google only from time to time provides positioners with general rules to determine the position of the site on the web. For this reason, it is always wise to be guided by reason and choose the services of large companies, which are up to date with all the latest news on positioning.

Advantages and disadvantages of positioning

Positioning has many advantages that are definitely worth knowing up close. Team of SEO optimization Magento wrote not long ago that the advantages primarily include:

  • significant improvement in the visibility of the site on the web,
  • high level of trust from internet users and potential customers,
  • Definitely greater earning potential,
  • faster building of a large customer base,
  • higher earnings at a slightly lower cost of doing business.

Despite appearances, positioning also has some disadvantages, which can not be ignored when deciding to carry out this process. The disadvantages are quite significant especially for those who do the positioning themselves or through freelancers. Talking about disadvantages WordPress SEO professionals highlight the biggest flaws in their blog articles:

  • achieving a specific position can be difficult and tedious,
  • lack of certainty about the target position of the selected website,
  • high costs in the case of very busy and popular key phrases,
  • long time of waiting for the effects.

These disadvantages concern mainly unproven companies that have been doing positioning for only a few weeks or work with outdated tools.

On-site positioning

Many people wonder what on-site positioning is. It is a set of activities that a particular SEO interactive agency has to perform during the positioning process directly on a chosen website. This is the biggest and the most difficult stage of positioning, which requires from positioners, programmers and copywriters huge knowledge about the Internet and the way Google search engine works. There are several hundred individual steps to be taken, and all of them are very important from the point of view of the results. Experts from Squarespace SEO services says that it is worth distinguishing among them:

  • preparation and introduction of key phrases,
  • acceleration of the website operation,
  • adapting the User Experience and Use Interface to the target client,
  • introducing HTTPS certificate on the website,
  • modification of internal links,
  • and many, many more.

Google Search Console – a tool you need to know

Google Search Console – step by step guide. Despite the fact that in the web you will find hundreds of more and less useful tools for positioning, Google Search Console is one of the best, mainly due to the fact that it is completely free. First, you need to verify your site’s identity and make sure Google has access to your site’s content. These are two key steps without which further work on Google Search Console is not possible. It is also a good idea to submit a sitemap to the tool. In the next steps, you should carefully analyze any errors detected by the tool and fix them, as well as monitor further effects of applying further changes.

Image: Myriam Jessier/unsplash.com

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  • Caroline Mosby 09.08.2022

    I agree with you – Google Search Console is definitely a tool you need to know. In fact, there are more tools which are useful during positioning. They can make your actions much easier. When I found out about SEO tools on the site https://sxo.pl/seo/, I decided to try it out. In my daily SEO activities, I use not only Google Search Console, but also Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planner. Those tools enable me to get to know my users better. It greatly improved my activities and allowed me to achieve better results.

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