Juices perfect for winter

Juices perfect for winter
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In winter we should especially take care of the vitamin level in our organism. Freshly squeezed juices are a great way to do this. What are the best juices in winter?

Benefits of drinking freshly squeezed juices

Such juices can effectively and easily supplement the body with essential nutrients. While in summer freshly squeezed juices are easy to make because of the abundance of fruit available, this can be more problematic in winter.

The most important issue is the high quality of the products. When choosing fruits and vegetables, it is worth deciding on shopping at reliable sellers. This will guarantee that the juices will be free of any unnecessary, often harmful substances.

Which products to choose?

During winter citrus fruits are the best choice. For the preparation of freshly squeezed juice oranges, lemons, grapefruits or pomegranates are ideal. They have warming properties and contain large amounts of vitamin C. It in turn supports the immunity of the body. Citrus fruits are also very efficient, so you can get a lot of juice. If you do not like juices with an acidic taste, you can add fruits to sweeten them. These can be bananas, pears or apples, for example. However, the ideal taste is a matter of individual choice. So it is worth mixing fruits together to find the perfect juice.

When it comes to vegetables, carrots, leafy vegetables, onions, leeks, celery, turnips or cucumbers are best in the winter. Not only are they tasty, they also have warming properties and are readily available during the winter season.

How to prepare the juice?

To prepare juice, you can choose either a juicer or a slow juicer. A juicer works at a high speed while a juicer crushes the ingredients, working at a slower speed. Because a juicer juices at a high temperature, some of the valuable ingredients are destroyed. Juice from a juicer, on the other hand, is thicker, far less aerated and richer in nutrients.

Manufacturers offer various juicers. It is worth taking care that it is of high quality, because it is often an investment for years. However, by drinking freshly squeezed juices, we are investing in our health. A good juicer means better quality juice and at the same time a very practical device.

Warming up juices

Juices are mainly associated with fruit, but you can also use other ingredients to prepare them. Warming juices can be drunk both cold and hot. Below are juices that will be perfect for cold winter evenings:

– juice from oranges, mango, banana, and also with the addition of ginger

– orange, carrot, pineapple, lime and ginger juice

– apple juice with cinnamon, ginger, and honey

– spicy juice of tomato, peach and bell bell pepper, with added chili peppers and ground bell pepper.

Why drink fresh juices, not only in winter?

During the winter season, our immune system is more vulnerable to any diseases, so then the daily dose of vitamins is especially important. By drinking juices from the squeezer we increase our daily intake of fruit and vegetables. In the form of juice their consumption is much easier and faster, so it is an ideal solution for everyone who does not take the recommended portion of fruit and vegetables in their daily diet.

Juices are a rich source of vitamins and minerals which prevent diseases and support the functioning of the whole organism. Besides, juices support the functioning of the digestive system. They also help to cleanse the body by removing harmful products of metabolism.

Main photo: Toni Cuenca/pexels.com

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