What fabrics to use for furniture upholstery?

What fabrics to use for furniture upholstery?
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Upholstery fabrics can have a variety of uses and have a huge variety when it comes to patterns. So you can easily adapt them to your own needs. Find out which fabrics work best for upholstering furniture.

The best fabrics for upholstering furniture

There are lots of fabrics available on the market for upholstering furniture, but some fabrics work better and some work less well. Fabrics also vary in pattern, weave, durability, and, of course, price. Find out which fabrics are most popular.


Altara is an upholstery fabric, characterized first of all by its very softness and resistance to abrasion. Moreover, it is easy to keep clean. It imitates suede fabric, which makes it very suitable for upholstery of living room furniture, as well as car seats. Affordable prices of this material make it very popular


This is a type of fabric, the characteristic feature of which is a clearly visible weave. It is woven flat, which makes it resemble classic linen fabrics. The structure is clearly perceptible to the touch. Braided fabrics are suitable for furniture upholstery, also for the production of cushions for backrests, etc. They look very elegant, but are also very easy to clean. They look very elegant, but depending on the material used they can be difficult to keep clean.


A very popular upholstery fabric is also plush. And for good reason. It is soft to the touch, shining and giving the feeling of coziness. This fabric is perfect for both modern and traditional decor. It can be used not only for upholstery, but also to make curtains and decorative accessories, such as decorative pillows. Plush is cleaned primarily by regular vacuuming. If stains appear, it is best to wash them out with a damp cloth. The removable covers can be washed at 30 degrees


Skaj is a fabric that resembles leather. Such artificial leather is often chosen for car and office upholstery, but it will also work well in the living room. Skaj is the most popular form of artificial leather. It is characterized by high resistance to dirt and moisture. It is chosen for traditional, refined interiors because of its ability to resemble real leather. At the same time, it is easy to clean and maintain on a daily basis.


Flock is a type of upholstery fabric that resembles velvet, but is distinguished by a different production technique – flocking is the application of textile fleece to the base material. Flock is a fabric that is extremely soft and fluffy to the touch and gives a sense of warmth and coziness. It is perfect for upholstering armchairs and sofas, children’s room furniture, or cushions to sit on. It can also be used to make decorative door curtains.


Chenille is nothing else than exceptionally decorative fabric for upholstery and curtains with an exquisite look. It fits perfectly especially to classical interiors. It is also an ideal material for renovation of old furniture – it will work perfectly for chairs, especially antique ones or those imitating classical patterns. Chenille is a thick, strong fabric with a linen or gauze weave. Its advantage is resistance to damage. Unfortunately, its main disadvantage is the difficulty with cleaning of more serious stains. They should be washed off immediately with a damp, white or light cloth.

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