Toys that will influence the good development of the baby

Toys that will influence the good development of the baby
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Caring for a baby’s education and development is important from the first weeks of life. Stores offer various products, which – according to the manufacturer’s claims – are supposed to influence the acquisition of new skills by the infant. How to choose the right ones?

At each stage of life a child needs stimuli which will enable its proper development. It should be remembered, however, to select educational toys gradually. Which of them are worth buying at the beginning?


They stimulate the sense of touch, hearing and sight. Choose models that are easy for your baby to grasp. A rattle cannot be too big or heavy. Such a toy will allow the child to develop motor and manual skills Store for babies offers such products in various colors and shapes, which significantly stimulates infant’s senses and makes the toddler interested in them for a long time.

Educational mats

With their help the toddler can learn to sit up and crawl. Foam mats are a good solution when you want to get your baby used to lying on its stomach. They are also a great place for playing. In the beginning, it’s best to choose black and white mats, which will better support your baby’s visual development. As your toddler grows, you can choose models that light up and make sounds.

Carrousel over the crib

An important toy especially for babies who can’t sit up yet and spend a lot of time lying in the crib. A moving carrousel will attract the baby’s eyes and stimulate this sense. Choose a model with soft sounds (e.g. lullaby melody) – it will soothe and interest your baby, stimulating his/her hearing.

Rubber balls

Designed for toddlers who are at the stage of learning to grasp. Such toys can be a good variety for rattles. Remember to choose soft models that will be more pleasant for your baby to touch. Balls with bumps on them will be useful, as they will be even more stimulating to touch.


They can be wooden, which will help to learn motor skills of the toddler or those that make sounds e.g. when the toddler touches them or throws them into an appropriate container.

Puzzles and jigsaw puzzles

The first puzzles for a child have to be big and colorful. The best solution are those with few elements. Solving puzzles with a toddler will not only stimulate his eyesight but also his concentration and motor skills on the line sight-handedness. Alternatively, wooden puzzles with special handles or cubic and layered models may be an option.

Sensory toys

These include soft blocks, toys that make sounds and even teethers. It is important to choose toys that are a variety of colors. The sounds should be subdued and the texture varied. Remember that the more stimulation you provide your baby, the better.

Educational books

Modern baby books are a great option if you want to help your baby develop his sight and touch. They have buttons that when pressed, for example, simulate the sound made by a particular animal. You can buy books that have fluffy pages or have 3d pictures.

The selection of baby toys can be overwhelming for new parents. It is important when shopping to make sure that the item has the proper certifications. Remember not to overwhelm your baby with the amount of stimuli. Introduce each toy gradually so that your baby can learn new sounds, pictures and tactile textures at his own pace.

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