Simple recipes for Asian cuisine

Simple recipes for Asian cuisine
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Asian cuisine does not have to be associated with ordering a dish from a Chinese restaurant in a crisis situation. Asia is a vast continent, full of inspiration and flavors, for which you should find a place in your own kitchen. Here are a few simple recipes, just right to spice up your family dinner.

Thai cuisine

What characterizes it?

Thai cuisine is mainly about amazing spices, such as coriander, ginger, cardamom, lemongrass, Thai basil or galangal. They bring out the deeper flavor of the individual ingredients of a dish and it is thanks to them that it tastes unique. What ingredients are we talking about? Mainly seafood, soy products such as tofu or tempeh, coconut milk, rice and vegetables are used. A reliable source of products needed to prepare Thai dishes are oriental stores, such as Where you can find original ingredients, imported straight from Thailand.

Red curry

What do you need for a simple red curry?

  • red curry paste
  • canned coconut milk
  • dried kaffir lime leaves
  • chicken breast or tofu cubes
  • eggplant or zucchini
  • cane sugar
  • paprika
  • optional fish sauce (omit for vegetarian version)

First pour the coconut milk into a pan, add the curry paste and kaffir leaves. Then add the chicken or tofu (tofu should be fried until golden in a separate pan) and cook for a few minutes. Then add diced zucchini or eggplant and bell peppers and finally add cane sugar and fish sauce (for meat version). Cook until the meat is no longer raw. Serve on its own, with rice or Indian naan bread.

Japanese cuisine

What are its characteristics?

First of all, it is famous for its many kinds of rice, because they are grown there several thousand. It is used not only for sushi, so beloved around the world, but also to make rice cakes, mochi or rice wine, sake. It is worth remembering, however, that Japanese cuisine is more than just rice. Soy products such as tofu, soy sauce or miso paste are used just as often. Moreover, due to the fact that Japan is an island country, many seafood and fish, mainly tuna, mackerel and eel, are used in dishes. Although there is no shortage of sushi lovers, Japanese cuisine is full of interesting dishes, which should also find a place in your everyday cooking. If you are looking for inspiration, visit an oriental delicatessen and browse the offer of original Japanese ingredients

Your favourite sushi at home

This dish of Japanese cuisine is probably the one you hear about most often, and although sushi shops are besieged (and also not very cheap!), sushi really isn’t difficult to make yourself. All you need is a sushi mat (although it’s possible to wrap a roll without one, it’s definitely difficult), sushi rice, rice vinegar, nori algae, and your favorite ingredients. It’s up to you what goes into the roll. Salmon, shrimps or vegetables – the decision depends only on your taste and diet, that’s why sushi is a dish for everyone, and in addition it’s great fun for the whole family.

When the rice is cooked, add rice vinegar and sugar to it (the proportions are usually given on the package, as well as the cooking time). Place the rice in the center of one nori sheet so that it reaches to the edge of the sheet. Then place your favorite toppings. Wet the edge with water and using a mat, roll up the roll

Chinese cuisine

What characterizes it?

Chinese cuisine will delight you first of all with the variety of ingredients that make the recipes unique and special. You can easily learn a few base problems and yet surprise your family or guests with new flavors every time. The reason for this is because of how huge a country China is, and due to the diversity in climate and culture, many products are used in the cuisine. The most important thing is to combine these ingredients in the right proportions along with the spices, so they get that unique, harmonious taste. You can buy products of Chinese cuisine The main ingredient is rice, equally often vegetables are used, for example from the wok. Fish sauce, soy sauce and rice vinegar are used a lot. Noodles are equally popular in Chinese cuisine

Fried rice with vegetables

What do you need to prepare Chinese-style fried rice with vegetables for dinner?

  • soy sauce
  • rice
  • carrots
  • paprika
  • leek
  • garlic
  • onion
  • sugar snap peas

Start by cooking rice. Then fry onion, garlic and leek in hot oil. Add chopped vegetables and fry for a few minutes. Finally add the rice and soy sauce, fry for another ten minutes. Serve with chives and sesame seeds.

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