Chicken tortillas – home-made fast food in 3 ways

Chicken tortillas – home-made fast food in 3 ways
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Tortilla – a characteristic dish of Mexican cuisine – has long conquered the palates of Europeans, including Poles. We suggest how to make this home-made fast food in three ways.

In the cradle of this dish, Mexico, the tortilla itself (a kind of flat cake made of flour, e.g. wheat) is used as bread or as a base for other dishes. In our country, it is one of the dishes that can be prepared in many combinations, but usually in rolled form. There are many variations of this delicacy, depending on the preferences of the cuisine in a given region. In Poland, we love to create delicacies with chicken in the lead role, so it’s no wonder that we also like to wrap pieces of it in a Mexican pancake. Chicken tortillas do not have to be boring, you can serve them in several ways.

Check out our 3 tried and tested ways to make chicken tortillas. They’re so lickin’ good!

1. Tortilla with chicken in cornflakes

We’ll start with a non-standard idea, namely tortillas with chicken, but not just fried in spices, but additionally coated in cornflakes. The recipe includes ingredients for 4-5 people. We need:

  • 2 chicken fillets;
  • spices: hot paprika, sweet paprika, garlic, salt, pepper;
  • oil;
  • 1 egg
  • a glass of buttermilk (natural yogurt is optional).

You will also need vegetables, here we can add them according to your taste and individual preferences. We recommend: onion, pickled cucumber, lettuce, red bell pepper. Of course, we cut them into thin strips or slices. Garlic-mustard sauce will be the best for pouring over the stuffing, but you can also add some ketchup to it. This sauce is made from natural yoghurt to which we add chopped garlic and a bit of mustard, and of course seasonings: pepper and salt. When you have arranged the filling on the pancake and poured the sauce over it, slowly roll up the tortilla.

2. Homemade tortilla with chicken and vegetables

Another recipe for tortillas with chicken is trivially simple. To make servings for 3 people this time, we need a medium chicken breast, which we cut into small cubes, stew in water in a pan with a lid, and then fry in chicken seasoning. You can also marinate the breast in soy sauce beforehand (but it is best that it stays in the refrigerator overnight before you add it to the tortilla)

Wash vegetables and cut into slices or strips. This time we can use lettuce such as romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, radishes and colored peppers. Only garlic sauce will work in this recipe, but not too intense, so as not to “kill” the possible flavor of the chicken breast, if we decided to marinate it in a soy bath beforehand

Homemade tortilla with chicken and vegetables is a dish that can be served either hot or as a cold snack. It is perfect for all kinds of parties, because you can cut our tortilla into several smaller pieces and pierce them with a toothpick, and then serve them as a party snack.

3. Tortilla with chicken and cheese

Besides chicken, Poles also love cheese, so why not combine these ingredients in a tortilla? This time we propose a typically “snack” version, but it can also be made hot, as a fully filling dinner dish

The chicken should be grilled beforehand, so that the meat is soft and juicy. Grate the cheese with a coarse grater, it will taste much better than wrapped in a tortilla pancake.

In this version of tortillas we can bet not on fresh vegetables, but those marinated, because their flavor will better combine with cheese and grilled chicken meat. You can also wrap marinated peppers, zucchini, tomatoes or cucumbers together with the chicken and cheese. And here we do not have to make any more sauce, because the vegetables moist from the marinade will perfectly fulfill its role.

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