Pizza stone – how to use it?

Pizza stone – how to use it?
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Excellent dough and first-rate toppings make pizza often ordered in restaurants and made at home. You don’t have to have a pizza oven to make a brilliant pie, another gadget can be helpful. It is a pizza stone. Check out why every fan of the Italian delicacy should have it in their kitchen!

A pizza stone is a kitchen accessory that every pizza fan should have in their home. It is not expensive and it will certainly make the quality of the pizza baked on it much better. Find out the biggest advantages of having this simple accessory to enjoy a delicious pizza!

How to use a pizza stone?

Using a pizza stone is trivial, however, it is good to know a few basic rules of use

  1. Always place the stone in a cold oven. This will minimize the risk of the stone’s plate cracking. Only after placing the stone inside, we set our appliances to the appropriate temperature
  2. You have to wait until the stone in the oven is properly heated. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in this regard
  3. Please note that the hot stone is very hot and may only be touched with protective gloves
  4. It is worth using special spatulas which will help you smoothly put the dough on the hot stone. Thanks to this there is less risk of burning yourself. The spatulas will also come in handy when taking the ready pizza out of the oven
  5. After baking, leave the stone in the oven for 2 hours to cool down
  6. Under no circumstances should you cool the stone by pouring a cold stream of water over it, as this practice may lead to damage or cracking of the stone
  7. Once the stone has cooled completely, you can wash it with water or detergent recommended by the manufacturer

Why bake pizza on a stone?

If you are still hesitating whether you definitely need a pizza stone, we will cite here some huge pluses of this gadget

Fast pizza preparation time

Pizza baked on the stone is done in practically no time at all. You won’t have time to clean the kitchen and wash the dishes yet, and your favorite dish will already be ready. Just 5 minutes on the preheated stone plate is enough to get crispy and delicious pizza

Even baking

When you bake pizzas on the stone, you can be sure that every inch of dough heats up in the same way. The result is a crispy but not hard pizza

The dough does not stick to the surface

Another undoubted advantage of having a stone is that the pizza does not stick to its surface. So not only can we enjoy a tasty pizza, but we don’t have to worry about cleaning the stone afterwards

Aromatic smell in the whole house

Also a significant advantage can be the fact that pizza baked on the stone is quickly cut down, thus its smell is quickly noticeable throughout the house. For fans of the Mediterranean climate, this will be an opportunity to have a substitute of it in your kitchen

The pizza stone has many uses

Finally, it is worth noting that on a pizza stone you can also bake bread, rolls or baguettes. It is also ideal for making your own tortilla slices, pita or prosciutto.

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