How to make handmade invitations and greeting cards?

How to make handmade invitations and greeting cards?
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Personalization of invitations and greeting cards is becoming more and more fashionable. Making them yourself allows you to show your commitment to your guests or the recipient. If you only have a little patience and manual skills, bet on this solution.

Where to start?

The most important is the idea. When it comes to greeting cards, a good inspiration can be something related to the person who receives it. For example, if your friend is interested in traveling, bet on a card with elements related to it. The same goes for invitations. If you are preparing an invitation for a birthday, design a card in the shape of a cake.

Buy the elements you need. You can use a lot of interesting items to make your own invitations/cards. Mostly used are ready-made cardboards, for example on invitations with a photo. You can decorate them yourself, paste a photo into them and write any text. For decorating you can use beads or ribbons.

Some interesting ideas for cards

It depends only on you, in what style you make a greeting card. The simplest are those in the shape of a rectangle or square. It can be one-sided or open and inside it contains wishes.

More advanced in handicrafts people often make cards with windows, for which transparent film is used. They are filled with sequins, glitter or confetti. To make such a greeting card, it is worth buying special die-cutters.

If you want to make an original gift to your other half, for example, on the occasion of a holiday in love or give your loved ones an original wedding card, bet on the boho style. You can refer to the nature here. Vitange motifs will also be a great choice, as beads or feathers will look great.

Greeting cards can also be given to future parents. In this situation a good idea are photo cards. They describe the most important events of pregnancy and those after the birth of the baby. You can also create such cards yourself.

What occasions are worth making invitations for?

It is increasingly popular to make your own wedding invitations. It allows you to create the perfect invitations, and besides, it is associated with great savings. It is advisable to match the style of the invitations to how the wedding and reception will look like. If the wedding is going to be luxurious, opt for glamorous wedding invitations, while if the wedding is going to be rustic, so should the invitations. You can put pictograms in the wedding invitations, which will indicate to the guests, that you prefer to receive wine instead of flowers, for example, and money instead of gifts. While designing the invitations don’t forget about the vignettes, which will be placed on the table at the wedding. Keeping them in one style will make everything coherent.

Handmade invitations will also work well for occasions such as baptism, communion or birthdays. If you are celebrating a child’s birthday, it is a good idea to involve them in the process of creating such invitations. Let them have a say in how they will look.

How to make invitations and cards unique?

If you already have a greeting card or invitation design, think about what to do to make them as beautiful as you plan. Take enough time to make them – doing it at the last minute can mean you don’t get the result you want.

What is sure to beautify every invitation and card is calligraphy. Carefully written and properly decorated letters will be able to give uniqueness to even the simplest designs.

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