How to decorate the kitchen window?

How to decorate the kitchen window?
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When decorating a house or apartment we make sure that every room pleases our eye. The kitchen, although it is rather a functional place, can also be beautiful and full of ornaments. The kitchen window is a perfect place to bring some life into the room. We suggest how to decorate your kitchen window.

Blinds, curtains, curtain dividers

This is a great way to add character and charm to your kitchen. For a more modern decor, blinds or Roman blinds will work well. Wooden blinds will warm up the interior, but they will not dominate the space. Roman blinds will add gentleness to a contemporary kitchen. The most fashionable in recent years are models in a uniform, neutral color made of natural material, such as linen. For interiors in a classic or country style will fit better curtains or bedspreads. Lace or embroidered materials will become the decoration of the room and will add home warmth to the kitchen. It is worth taking into account that if there is a sink by the kitchen window, wooden blinds may discolor and deteriorate from contact with splashing water. In this case, it is better to choose a window trim made of lightweight, fast-drying material.

Greenery on the windowsill

Pots of fresh herbs are a beautiful decoration of kitchen windows. A homemade herb garden will not only bring life to your kitchen, but also enrich the taste of the food you cook. The addition of fresh leaves always adds variety to your dishes and the appearance of your plate

Easy to grow herbs are:

  • basil,
  • oregano,
  • coriander,
  • marjoram,
  • thyme,
  • mint.

Care of these plants is limited to moistening the soil in which they are planted and ensuring proper sunlight. Oregano and basil need more light than mint or thyme. Give them adequate space and water and they will grow, decorate your kitchen and smell like eternal summer. Place pots of your favorite herbs on the windowsill so that curtains or blinds don’t touch or irritate their leaves, as this can damage the plants

Seasonal decorations

When decorating your home for different occasions, don’t forget the kitchen! You can create fabulous installations of seasonal decorations around your kitchen window. In spring and Easter, your kitchen can be decorated with fresh flowers, festive sweets in jars or Easter eggs. In summer, bowls of colorful fruit will look beautiful in the sun. In autumn you can bet on decorative pumpkins and Halloween decorations, and in winter decorate the window with artificial snow and lights. This approach to decorating your window will ensure that this room will never be boring! In addition, you’ll bring a unique atmosphere to your kitchen, associated with each season of the year, making it more pleasant to spend time there.

Why is it best to place kitchen decorations on the window?

The windowsill in the kitchen is the safest place for all kinds of decorations. On the window, decorations are protected from the fire of the stove or the heat of the electric hob. Vases and flower pots, in a place away from the countertops, are protected from accidental bumping and breaking. Even if water spills on the windowsill, at most we have to wipe the floor, and electrical appliances and gas burners are not at risk of flooding. Another advantage of gathering kitchen decorations around the window is that we don’t take up any space to work. No matter how big the kitchen is, there are always enough worktops. So it’s better not to take up any cooking space with trinkets. The windowsill is not a workspace in the kitchen, so it can be its decoration.

Decorating the kitchen may seem like a difficult task. Often they are small rooms where we want to allocate as much space as possible to the usable area. The windowsill and the space around the kitchen window are actually the perfect place to take care of the decoration of this place. It does not matter whether you opt for simple blinds or lace curtains, or whether you grow herbs or flowers. These elements will add character to the kitchen and emphasize the style in which it is decorated. Seasonal additions will add variety to your everyday interior design and bring a breath of fresh air. Don’t delay – get to work!

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