How to make your own tomato passata?

How to make your own tomato passata?
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Passata is an ingredient in many dishes that you make in your kitchen every day. Try making it yourself, and you’ll never buy ready-made from the store again! Discover our recipe for delicious tomato passata! It’s simple and really tasty! The result will delight you!

Tomato passata is simply a puree of tomatoes, which is the base of many popular dishes. It is one of the main ingredients of Mediterranean recipes. You do not have to buy ready-made passata in the store. Try creating it yourself! Delicious and aromatic tomato sauce will make each of your dishes taste special!

To prepare a delicious tomato passata you need only salt and a few kilograms of tomatoes. It all depends on how much passata you want to prepare, our recipe calls for using 5 kg of fresh vegetables.


  1. Wash the tomatoes thoroughly. 
  2. Scald them with boiling water.
  3. Peel them from the skin.
  4. Remove the stalk and cut them into cubes.
  5. Transfer to a pot, pour in water and cook, stirring from time to time.
  6. Cool down and grate them in a fine mesh strainer, or you can also blitz them.
  7. Season with salt or other spices you like. Garlic, oregano or herbs de Provence will work great.
  8. Prepare jars or glass bottles.
  9. Scald them.
  10. Pour over the passata.
  11. Cap thoroughly.
  12. Place upside down.
  13. Cover with a cloth and leave them to cool.

Passata – a handful of useful information about tomatoes.

Passata is very nutritious. It has many vitamins and ingredients that are very good for the whole body. Tomatoes, from which the puree is made, lower blood pressure, prevent atherosclerosis, support the nervous system. Very interestingly, they can counteract cancer. They perfectly support the condition of the skin, as they have anti-aging and moisturizing effects. They are an excellent source of vitamin A, C, K and B vitamins. They are also rich in folic acid, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, elements important for our health and immunity. Passata, ketchup, concentrate, sauce are extremely healthy because they have a lot of lycopene, an antioxidant that prevents heart attacks, osteoporosis and delays skin aging.

Passata on a diet

Passata is low in calories, so it can be successfully consumed by people who are on a diet. A glass of passata has about 60 kcal. In 100 g it is only 24 kcal. However, passata is generally not eaten on its own, but with pasta or meat, so it should be carefully analyzed whether the other ingredients of our meal will “make up” for the calorie content.

Ideas for dishes with passata

Meals with passata can be prepared really a lot. On the basis of passata you can prepare a sauce for pasta, rice, porridge or even soup. However, it is best to add spices or ingredients to make it more intense and make the dish more interesting.

You can combine passata with meat. Cooks love to create stews or cures with it! Also excellent are stuffed cabbage rolls, the sauce of which will be just passata. Homemade pizza also can not do without tomato puree. In tortillas and casseroles you can also use it as a base for the other ingredients. Also, try making spaghetti using the previously prepared passata.

It’s really a great ingredient that will help you create many wonderful dishes and delight the whole family!

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