Dessert with yogurt – recipes

Dessert with yogurt – recipes
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Everyone has a craving for something sweet from time to time. Unfortunately, sugar contained in sweets is not only unhealthy but also extremely fattening. If we want to take care of our health and figure, we should give up sweet snacks. But how to satisfy sugar cravings without reaching for chocolate or candy? Check out some recipes for delicious desserts with yogurt in the lead role

Diet tiramisu

For this dessert you will need:

  • sponge cakes,
  • natural yoghurt,
  • honey,
  • strong coffee,
  • cocoa or dark chocolate.

Put a layer of coffee-soaked biscotti in a dish. Add yogurt sweetened with honey on top. In this way, create several layers of dessert, ending with yoghurt cream and finish the whole by sprinkling cocoa or chocolate shavings on top

This modification of the classic Italian dessert not only significantly reduces its caloric content, but also shortens the preparation time and is cheaper. Tiramisu with yogurt, instead of heavy, fatty cream is an express and healthy sweet snack. If you feel like more sugar, you can add bananas to the dessert. This version of tiramisu is much healthier than its classic variant because it doesn’t contain as much white sugar and fat

Thanks to the fact that you probably have most of the ingredients for this dessert at home, you can prepare it in a few minutes, when unexpected guests visit you. It will look impressive in goblets

Granola with yoghurt and fruit

The name of this dessert already includes the list of ingredients. Its base is natural yogurt, which you can sweeten with honey if you do not like its taste. Pour a handful or two of granola into the base and add seasonal fruits. In summer you can eat this dessert with forest fruits, and in winter add juicy citrus. This dessert will definitely never be monotonous because you can modify it all the time. You can regularly change the flavor of the granola that you add to the yogurt. Add to it nuts or dried fruits or even a bit of dark chocolate

This dessert is perfect as a delicious, healthy and filling breakfast, as well as a tasty snack or afternoon snack that will satisfy your craving for something sweet. Yogurt sweetened with honey and fresh fruit is much healthier than fruit yogurts you can buy in the store. In addition, the possibility of any modification of dessert, depending on what you would like to eat, gives you a huge spectrum of possibilities.

Layered dessert with fruit mousse

To prepare this dessert you need:

  • cookies,
  • natural yoghurt,
  • bananas,
  • fruit mousse (for example strawberries or mango),
  • fresh fruit for decoration.

In this dessert you will not need honey, because enough sugar will be found in the fruit. On the bottom of the goblet put natural yoghurt, on the layer of yoghurt put crumbled cookies, and on them arrange banana slices. Put the fruit mousse on the banana layer and sprinkle with a layer of cookies, so it doesn’t mix with the yogurt. Create such layers again, finish the dessert with yogurt and decorate the goblet with fresh fruit

This is a delicious and very impressive dessert, and in addition it is very healthy! It does not provide unnecessary fat, contains very little white sugar, and the fruit, which sweetens this dessert, provides the body with vitamins.

A diet and healthy eating do not mean giving up delicious, sweet snacks. But it does mean changing your eating habits and switching to healthier alternatives to sweets. Natural yogurt by itself is not a dessert, but with the addition of a few healthy ingredients, it turns into an amazing base for many tasty desserts.

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