IKEA Ektorp Covers – how to choose the Best Quality?

IKEA Ektorp Covers – how to choose the Best Quality?
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When it comes to IKEA furniture, the versatile Ektorp series is a popular choice among many homeowners due to its comfort, durability, and timeless design. However, to keep these pieces looking fresh and stylish, you’ll need to think about your Ektorp covers. How can you select the best quality for your home’s needs?

The Role of Ektorp Covers in Interior Design

An Ektorp sofa cover is not just a functional piece of fabric; it’s also a key element in the aesthetics of your interior design. The right cover can bring together various design elements, creating a harmonious look. Therefore, selecting a cover involves considering the texture, color, and style that aligns with your overall interior design.

IKEA offers a variety of covers, but there are also numerous third-party companies offering even wider ranges of design options. For instance, websites like https://mastersofcovers.com/collection/friheten/ provide an extensive selection of custom covers, including those for the Ektorp series. It’s an excellent alternative to consider if you’re aiming for a unique look or if IKEA’s options are limited.

Recognizing High-Quality Ektorp Covers

Quality is essential when choosing your Ektorp sofa cover. But what makes a cover high quality?

  • Material: A high-quality cover should feel sturdy yet comfortable. Look for covers made of heavy-duty cotton or polyester blends, which offer a good balance between durability and comfort.
  • Craftsmanship: Pay attention to the stitching and finishing of the cover. High-quality covers typically have sturdy stitching and neat finishing that withstand repeated use and washing.
  • Fit: A high-quality cover should fit your Ektorp furniture like a glove. Precise fit is a mark of good craftsmanship and ensures that your furniture looks its best.
  • Ease of Care: A high-quality cover should be easy to care for. Look for machine-washable covers, which make it easy to maintain cleanliness and freshness.

Diving Deeper: Understanding Cover Materials

Understanding the pros and cons of different cover materials can help you make an informed decision. Cotton covers, for instance, are breathable and soft, making them comfortable to use. However, they might be prone to wrinkling and may require more maintenance.

On the other hand, polyester blends are durable, resistant to fading, and easy to care for. They might not be as breathable as cotton, but for a piece of furniture that sees a lot of use, they might be a more practical choice.

Trendy Ektorp Cover Designs to Consider

With so many design options, selecting the right look for your Ektorp furniture can seem overwhelming. However, considering the latest trends can provide some guidance:

Bold Patterns

If you want to make a statement, consider a cover with a bold pattern. Just make sure the pattern complements the other design elements in the room.

Textured Fabric

A cover with textured fabric, like a tweed or jacquard, can add an extra layer of visual interest to your room.


Velvet covers are gaining popularity for their luxurious look and feel. They can give your Ektorp furniture an upscale look.

Minimalist Monochrome

Minimalist design is still riding high, and one major aspect of this trend is the use of a monochrome color palette. Ektorp covers in shades of gray, white, and black are in demand for their sleek, clean look. This minimalist trend leans heavily on texture and material to add depth and visual interest, with brushed cotton and soft linen being particularly popular.

Bold, Geometric Prints

In contrast to the understated appeal of minimalism, bold, geometric prints have also made a splash in the world of Ektorp covers. Bold doesn’t necessarily mean bright – many homeowners opt for geometric patterns in neutral tones to strike a balance between being eye-catching and fitting seamlessly into the existing decor.

Jewel Tones

Another trend taking the interior design world by storm is the use of jewel tones. These rich, deep colors can give your IKEA Ektorp furniture a truly luxurious feel. Look for Ektorp covers in emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red to capitalize on this trend.


In terms of material, velvet Ektorp sofa cover are incredibly fashionable right now. They add a touch of opulence and elegance to any space. These come in a variety of colors, from subdued neutrals to bold, vibrant hues, letting you make as loud or as subtle a statement as you wish.

Natural and Earthy Tones

Finally, with more emphasis on bringing the outside in and creating a serene, calming environment, Ektorp covers in earthy tones and natural textures are becoming increasingly popular. Think shades of moss green, sandy beige, and sky blue, in materials like cotton, linen, and even canvas.

While these are some of the prevailing trends, remember that the best design is the one that suits your personal style and the existing aesthetics of your space. After all, your home should be a reflection of your unique taste!

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Ektorp covers. The best quality cover is the one that fits your personal taste, aligns with your interior design, and meets your practical needs. Happy shopping!

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